For 3 generations , the KABAKLIOGLU TANNERY has been perpetuating a family tradition (from father to son) of vegetable tanned leather from the heart aegean west part of Turkey, city called Denizli. The tannery was established in Denizli tannery area in 1942 by Mr. İsmail Hakki Kabaklioglu born in 1928 who was the first generation and now his 3 sons are operating the business with a new upcoming generation (3rd line of the family).

The presence, nearby, of a large shoe-manufacturing centre at the east side of Turkey and some cities such as İstanbul, Gaziantep, Adana, Konya, Ankara, İzmir and many of the cities in Turkey, made it natural for our father, Mr. İsmail Hakki Kabaklioglu to focus the tannery's activity on sole leather and harnesses.

The tannery first of all serves local clients. Building on its sound experience of vegetable tanning, the tannery diversified into other specialized areas of activity : leather for orthopaedic shoes, leather for luxury leather goods and leather engineering. The distinction recently awarded to us a "Living Heritage Enterprise" has confirmed the wisdom of our decision to devote our activity to the manufacture of high-quality, lasting and environmentally friendly products, thanks to which we are confident of achieving domestical and international renown.

History of Kabaklioglu started within the first years of the establishment of our foundation, progressed parallel with industrialization and became one of the Leaders in its own sector especially in sole leather sector.

Nowadays, Kabaklioglu accelerates own technological developments producing sole leather with most modern machines.

Our incorporated company is very well known by TURKISH shoe-makers (manufacturers) and traders. Some of them are the time of our father's (1970s) and we are still making connections with them which makes nearly 40 years. To put it another way, we have old clients as well as new ones and all of Turkey who are in this sector know us very well.