Since it was founded in 1942 by Mr. İsmail Hakki Kabaklioglu, the KABAKLIOGLU TANNERY has developed, less than a century, a rare know-how in the field of vegetable tanning, a natural tanning technique based on plant extracts (Quebracho,Mimosa and Chestnut tanning). Our firm has practised rapid tanning system which lasts, depending on the desired quality, as long as 3 weeks. This tanning process ensures preservation of the quality of the leather (soaking in drums, gradual concentration of tannins, natural air drying and greasing with natural oils).

Thanks to their almost a century of experience as tanners, the Kabaklioglu Tannery can offer a broad range of products and a wealth of experience which is highly valued within the profession.

Our another purpose is to enlarge our market and increase our capacity with an increasing exportings and get started to manufacture not only sole leather but also many varient kinds of leather goods which are used for belts,bags,clothing,insoles and many more. We have been working in the old tanneries area since 1942 which is located at the city-centre. We always follow the innovations around the world and adopt them on time and increase our production by supplying products in high quality.