Vegetable Tanned Leather

A generic term to cover the process of making leather by the use of tannins obtained from barks, woods or other parts of plants and trees, as distinguished from "mineral tannages".

The presence of large forests in Argentina, Brasil, South America and Italy made it natural for the Kabaklioglu Tannery to specialize in producing vegetable tanned leather which all these extracts are imported from the countries above.

Tanning, which in the past used locally harvested oak bark for pit tanning which made production last for 6 months and now has gradually adopted Quebracho, Mimosa and Chestnut extracts for rapid tanning. This type of tanning is best suited for sole leather and for high-quality vegetable tanned products.

To satisfy the most demanding clients, we reserve special treatment for sole bends, which are tanned for 3 weeks (extra-rapid tanning) and guarantees excellent physical properties in penetration and good fiber compact.